Our Story

Happy Dog Tribe isn’t just a name. It is a passion for sourcing fun and engaging products for our furry companions and cultivating a Tribe of dog lovers who understand why enrichment is so important.

Just like humans, dogs love the stimulation of new and interesting sights, tastes, scents and experiences. You may not be able to head off on a new adventure with your dog every day but with some interactive toys, puzzles or unique food bowls, you can add a little extra excitement to home life and make your dog happy.

Who are the Happy Dog Tribe team?

Happy Dog Tribe is starting from humble beginnings in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales by a passionate dog lover (he may look like the boss but I'm on left!). I'm constantly looking for ways to ensure my Shar-Pei companion gets to live life to the fullest even on the days when we're staying home. 

Ultimately, Happy Dog Tribe is all about helping dogs live their best life, full of mental and physical stimulation and interaction with their beloved humans (that’s YOU!).

Join the Tribe - because happiness is dog-shaped.