Aussie Dog Staffie Ball

Aussie Dog

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Your dog needs stimulation, especially when you're not at home. All Staffy owners know how punishing their dogs can be on their favourite toys so give them a ball that will last.

The Staffie Ball is built tough, to help improve their life with a safe, durable enrichment product. Originally developed for lions, tigers and polar bears, the Staffie Ball will be up to the challenge. Aussie Dog enrichment products are approved by vets, animal trainers, behaviour specialists and zoo keepers worldwide.


  • Extra thick and durable ball with an internal rattle.
  • Will not pop, shatter, or crack.
  • 12 Month warranty against your dog chewing a hole in the ball.
  • 100% Safe and Non Toxic.
  • Used for Dogs, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Cheetahs, Leopards, Pandas and many other animals - oh my!
  • Ball can be sanded smooth again if the surface becomes rough.
  • Suitable for Staffie and Staffie x breeds or any dog in the 30-50kg range.
  • Comes with 12 month warranty against dog chewing a hole in the ball.
  • Internal rattle makes the Staffy Ball even more exciting.

All Aussie Dog products are 100% Safe and Non Toxic. The materials used in this product will not crack, shatter, become sharp or swell in the dogs stomach if ingested. These products are designed to be safe for your puppy and keep them entertained for hours. Made to last.


Dimensions: Diameter 24cm

Weight: 1.2kg