Balanced Life Australian Natural Grain Free Kangaroo Jerky Dog Treat 113g

Balanced Life

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Make your pet’s treats more nutritious and satisfying with the Balanced Life Kangaroo Jerky!

Made 100% in Australia with Australian-sourced ingredients, these air-dried, free-range kangaroo jerky dog treats make wholesome, chewy snacks for your pet. The Balanced Life Kangaroo Jerkyis air-dried using 85% solar power to preserve maximum nutrients without sacrificing the natural kangaroo meat flavour. Air-drying process also helps eliminate pathogens that cause conditions such as salmonella, so it’s safe for your dog to ingest.

Chewy and delicious, these grain-free kangaroo jerky treats can help clean teeth and massage the gums to promote better dental health. If your dog likes to chew or gets anxiety (e.g., from staying at home alone), chewing can also help relieve stress and keep them calm. These ethically sourced kangaroo jerky strips contain no added hormones and are not genetically modified. Kangaroo meat is also known for being lower in calories and fat compared to other meats like beef, which is excellent for pets that require weight management.


  • Chewy all-natural air-dried free-range kangaroo meat jerky strips for dogs – 100% made in Australia!
  • Lower in calories and fat compared to other meat-based dog treats (e.g., beef)
  • Made with Australian kangaroo meat and air-dried to preserve maximum natural nutrients and flavour
  • Air-drying process also helps eliminate pathogens that cause conditions such as salmonella
  • Helps clean teeth and massage gums to promote better dental and oral health
  • Grain-free kangaroo treats for dogs – easy on the stomach and great for dogs with allergies/food sensitivities
  • No hormones added and not genetically engineered – ethically sourced, human-grade kangaroo
  • Great way to feed your dog pet-friendly raw food conveniently
  • For all canine life stages to enjoy

Size: 113g Pouch

Ingredients: Kangaroo, Glycerine, Mixed Tocopherols (Preservative), Rosemary Extract