Buster Canvas Activity Snuffle Mat Starter Kit - 3 Activities Included


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Provide your dog with a stimulating mental challenge! The Kruuse Buster ActivityMat is a fun activity toy for dogs. It allows you and your dog to play interactively and offers plenty of variety. 

The ActivityMat has 35 press-studs placed 10cm apart which allows you to create different sets of challenges, activities and tasks. The mat fits one or multiple tasks at the same time allowing for multiple combinations to keep your dog interested. Vary the level of difficulty on the activities by folding, rolling, or leaving them open.

For the adventurers it is easy to take the Buster ActivityMat on the road with you. Simply collect the parts in the practical carrier bag - and you're good to go!

This starter set contains:

  • a carry bag
  • the ActivityMat
  • Three great starter activities for your dog: 
    The Envelope, The Water Lily and The Cone Cloth.

Additional activities can be purchased separately.


Designed in Denmark, the Buster ActivityMat is recommended by dog psychologists as a good enrichment activity for dogs and to further build your bond. Made from durable nylon, the mat has a non-slip texture on the bottom to keep it in place while your dog works through solving the activities.


  • Provides mental stimulation for your dog
  • Give your dog new challenges over and over again with the different activities
  • Vary the level of difficulty depending on whether you fold the activities or leave them open (to make it easier)
  • Made from durable nylon with non-slip texture on bottom
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water or on gentle cycle (do not tumble dry)
  • Transportable for adventurers in the convenient carry bag
  • Tasks are individually marked with difficulty level, to change them up and keep your dog interested


Note: read and follow the safety instructions that are provided with the product. Do not leave your dog unattended with the ActivityMat.



Difficulty: Varied

Material: Nylon with non-slip texture on bottom

Dimensions: L 75cm x W 45cm x H 10cm