Charming Pet Bottle Bros with K9 Tough Guard - Gator

Charming Pet

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Give your dog a safer plastic bottle toy with the Charming Pet Bottle Bros Gator!

If you’ve ever caught your dog sneaking away with an empty water bottle, now you can give them their very own Bottle Bros Gator for a safer and better plastic bottle plush toy they’ll love to chew on all day long. This plush dog toy also gives you another way to satisfy your dog’s chewing needs. Since the Gator covers up the bottle, your pet will have safer playtime and not risk cutting themselves if they were to use a plastic bottle on its own.

Made with Charming Pet’s exclusive K9 Tuff Guard, the Bottle Bros Toys are made with durable non-tear denier fabric and double-stitched, nylon-reinforced seams to give your dog’s new favorite toy a longer life and be able to withstand rougher play. The plastic bottle inside the ultra-cool Gator provides plenty of irresistible chewing textures and crunchy fun for your pet. With the added squeaker, there’s nothing this Gator can’t do to keep your dog entertained!

What is K9 Tuff Guard?

“Charming on the outside and tough on the inside” is what Charming Pet’s pet toys are all about. Charming Pet developed a way to create stronger and tougher toys by having a layer of non-rip denier canvas to prevent wear and tear on the toy. The seams, which are often the first areas of tears and rips, are reinforced with double stitching and nylon material to keep the toys together for longer. The outer fabrics used on Charming Pet dog toys are also meant to be protective and durable layers of fabric (e.g., latex or corduroy) that are comfortable for your dog to play with.


  • Plastic bottle crunchy dog toy with plush cover for safer play
  • Creates a crackling sound and features great chewing textures that dogs love
  • Bottle plush cover is made with K9 Tuff Guard technology and durable non-tear denier material to make the toy last longer
  • Tear-resistant seams reinforced with double stitching and nylon material
  • Extra squeaker inside for even more noise-making entertainment for your pet!
  • Excellent alternative to plain plastic bottles or other chew toys

Dimensions: 52.1cm x 12.7cm x 11.2cm

SKU: 69491M