Nina Ottosson Dog Casino

Nina Ottosson

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Lady Luck's on your pup's side because the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Casino puzzle game is a surefire way to workout your canine's brain to the max.

The Dog Casino by Nina Ottosson is a smarter option for pet parents and dog trainers looking to engage and excite their dogs through training. Opposed to typical treat dispensing toys, the Dog Casino is filled with obstacles and new features that keep dogs playing and happily learning.

This is a high difficulty puzzle game and can be adjusted to make it easier or harder for your pet. With eight pull-out treat compartments and eight white bone pegs, you can make this puzzle more fun and customize it to challenge your dog every time.

Up the ante by using the locking bone pieces. If your dog is good at solving puzzles, introduce them to a new challenge by simply twisting the bones on top to lock the drawers.


  • 6 slide out treat drawers on the sides
  • 8 white, bone-shaped pegs to seal scent guide holes and lock in the treat drawers
  • Variable difficulty for extra smart dogs
  • Portable so can easily be taken on travels
  • Slobber and water proof
  • Easy to clean - it's dishwasher safe!


Create a fun challenge for your pooch with a Nina Ottosson Interactive Toy!



Difficulty: Level 3 (Advanced)

Dimensions:  L 31.5cm x W 26cm x H 4.5cm

SKU: 41029