Nina Ottosson Dog Twister

Nina Ottosson

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Get your canine to solve the Dog Twister and reward them with treats in a fun and mentally stimulating way!

With this game your dog learns to find treats by moving one block after another around in a circle in different directions. Treats can be hidden in the hollows under the blocks.

The Dog Twister is a Level 3 puzzle game specially designed for dogs that have experience with figuring out puzzle games. Once your dog has mastered the first level of this puzzle you can up the ante by locking the blocks in position using holes around the up-side of the game. Then your dog will learn to lift these pegs in order to be able to move the blocks and find the treats. Teach your dog words like: wait, go ahead, go back, find it, sit etc. while you are playing.

The Dog Twister will enrich your relationship with your dog. Games which involve mental stimulation like this one are great for expending excess energy. Your dog will feel happy and satisfied after the challenge and the treats.


  • 9 treat compartments hidden under 8 sliding pieces
  • Unique pull-out handles that keep sliding pieces in place when locked
  • Unlock/lock feature for handles – the key to finding the treats!
  • No removable parts – no choking hazards and keeps toy intact
  • Suitable for all dogs of any age, breed or size
  • Easy to clean - dishwasher safe!


Test your dog’s problem-solving skills and see how far they will go for their favourite treats with the Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Puzzle Game Toy!


Difficulty: Level 3 (Advanced)

Dimensions: Diameter 26cm x H 4.5cm

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