Freeze Dry Australia Beef and Sardine Balls - 100g

Freeze Dry Australia

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Give your pet healthy treats with the Freeze Dry Australia Beef and Sardine Balls!

Freeze-dried to retain nutrients and natural flavours, these beef and sardine balls are nutritious and healthy pet treats that give your furry friend a boost of energy and health.

Sardines are known for the richness in omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your pet’s skin moisturised and leave their fur coat shiny and soft. The omega-3s even boost brain health, alleviate allergies (even severe ones), and reduce inflammation caused by joint pain (e.g., arthritis). Sardines also contain high levels of phosphorus and calcium nutrients, which are vital for any pet on the raw food diet.

Rich in protein and essential vitamins and minerals, these ultra-healthy raw food treats for pets is a must-have for your pet care routine and provide a well-rounded nutritional profile so you can feel better about giving your cat or dog healthier treats.


  • 100% all-natural and raw freeze-dried beef and sardine balls pet treats
  • Protein-rich and contains an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals
  • High in omega-3 fatty acids – boosts skin and brain health and reduce inflammation (e.g., arthritis pain)
  • Fantastic source of vital phosphorus and calcium nutrients
  • Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutritional benefit and taste
  • Made in Australia with the finest ingredients
  • For cats and dogs to enjoy as everyday or training treats


Make the Freeze Dry Australia Beef and Sardine Balls a regular treat for your pet to enjoy!

Note: Freeze Dry Australia are currently updating their packaging. You may receive the older style packaging or the new packaging displayed in the picture


Size: 100g