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Make slow-feeding or treat-giving more entertaining for your pet with the Planet Dog L’il Snoop Interactive Dog Toy & Slow Feeder!

Planet Dog's award-winning, best-selling interactive treat dispensing toy is now available in a smaller 10cm size. The Lil’ Snoop works exactly like the original but is sized specifically for smaller pups. This treat dispensing puzzle toy keeps dogs engaged, drives brain stimulation and helps promote self-play.

Simply pop out the neck, fill with dog’s favorite treat, pop neck closed, put it on the ground and watch pups work to figure out how to get the treats out. You can make the game easier or harder by changing the size of the food you use, or even by an Orbee Tuff Nooks into the opening (sold separately) - it’s up to you and your dog how challenging it needs to be! 

Made with Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff material, this durable, non-toxic, BPA & phthalate free product provides long-lasting use for endless entertainment for your canine companion. 

What is Orbee-Tuff?

Orbee-Tuff is Planet Dog’s exclusive material that lasts longer than rubber and is more elastic and durable. White olefinic oil is used instead of phthalate or BPAs to soften the material to keep it safe for your pet. Orbee-Tuff is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and BPA-free, so you can rest assured when your dog is using Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff interactive toys and products.


  • Interactive treat-dispensing puzzle toy and slow feeder dome for dogs
  • Great to use when you want to keep your dog occupied and entertained
  • Can be used as a slow feeder for better weight and food management
  • Encourages solo play and cognitive stimulation and enhancement
  • Infused with natural mint scent to get your dog’s mind gears going
  • Half-dome sized shape that rolls around and teeters from side to side for extra challenging movement
  • Has a pop-out neck to drop in your dog’s favourite treats or dry food inside
  • Compatible with Planet Dog’s Nooks for more challenging fun (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA, eco-friendly, and FDA-approved
  • Ideal for small dogs and puppies

How to Use The Orbee Tuff Lil Snoop

Note: Although Snoop is built for durability, it's intended for puzzle-play, not chewing so should not be left unsupervised with mischievous dogs.


Dimensions: Diameter 10cm