Zippy Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Chipmunks in a Log

Zippy Paws

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Give your dog a wildly entertaining time with the ZippyPaws Chipmunks in a Log Burrow interactive toy! 

This delightful and cheeky chipmunk burrowing dog toy satisfies your dog’s burrowing urges, helping them combat boredom and stress or anxiety. For a wildly entertaining time, put the three squeaky little chipmunks inside the Log Burrow and watch your dog flush them out of their hiding place again and again! It’s the perfect interactive toy for keeping your dog busy and engaged through hide-and-seek play that prevents boredom and promotes mental stimulation.

To enhance playtime you can add some treats inside the burrow to entice your dog to play, or to make it a little more challenging you can add extra toys for your dog to pull out before they get access to the cheeky little chipmunks and the treats they've hidden away.


  • Chipmunks in a Log Zippy Burrow dog toy with 3 squeaky chipmunks for your dog to remove from the Burrow
  • Specially designed to satisfy your dog’s burrowing and digging urges
  • Help relieve stress and boredom while your pet is indoors
  • Interactive hide-and-seek toy that challenges your dog’s mind
  • Easy to use and provides endless entertainment
  • Can be used with treats to further entice dog to play with the Burrow

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Dimensions: L 36cm x H 14cm x W 14cm

SKU: ZP109