Zippy Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Soup Dumplings


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Give your pet a taste of traditional Chinese cuisine with the Zippy Burrow Soup Dumplings!

Adorably designed to look like a real bamboo steamer basket with soup dumplings cooking inside, the Zippy Burrow Soup Dumplings features a basket with multiple openings to hide the included plush dumplings inside the basket and encourage your dog to burrow and remove the dumplings.

Mentally stimulating and entertaining, this burrow-centric dog toy does more than keep your dog occupied and prevent boredom: it also helps satisfy your dog’s burrowing needs, which may indicate some anxiety. With the Burrow, you can redirect your dog’s attention and keep burrowing urges at bay! Each plush dumpling stuffed and contains one squeaker for squeaky fun. You can use the dumplings with the Burrow, other Zippy Burrows or separately!


  • Hide-and-seek puzzle dog toy that encourages healthy burrowing habits and keeps your dog’s mind sharp and entertained
  • Bamboo Steamer Basket Burrow with 3 squeaky soup dumplings for your dog to save from the Burrow!
  • 1 round squeaker for each plush and stuffed dumpling for extra entertainment for your dog
  • Helps keep your dog entertained and less anxious since they can release their burrowing and digging needs with this fun toy!
  • Can use the dumplings separately as individual dog toys

Dimensions: L 16.5cm x W 16.5cm x H 11.4cm

SKU: ZP942