Zippy Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Trick or Treat Basket


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Trick or... Did someone say treat? Your furry little friend will glow like a Jack-o’-lantern as they dig for the goodies inside of the Halloween Burrow Trick-or-Treat Basket!

This interactive hide-and-seek puzzle toy for dogs features a Burrow shaped like a pumpkin treat bag and comes with 3 miniature squeaky wrapped candies that you hide inside the pumpkin. Your dog will “burrow” their snout inside the holes and get the treats they deserve! This Burrow dog toy is both entertaining and mentally challenging for dogs to enjoy.

Each wrapped candy contains one small round squeaker to entice your dog and help them engage in the Burrow. The squeaky candies and Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin Basket Burrow are interchangeable and can be used with other Halloween-themed ZippyPaws Burrows.


  • Halloween-themed interactive hide-and-seek burrowing dog toy designed to look like a trick-or-treat pumpkin basket and comes with 3 miniature squeaky wrapped candy pieces!
  • Can help your dog relieve any stress or anxiety that may be causing any burrowing or digging acts
  • Keeps your dog entertained and doubles as a fun, mentally challenging hide-and-seek puzzle
  • 1 small round squeaker in each plush candy toy to engage your dog in playtime
  • Candies can be used separately as a fun, miniature squeaky dog toy – great for a multi-pet family!
  • Candies can be used with other Halloween ZippyPaws Burrows or Trick-or-Treat Bag Burrow can be used with other Halloween Miniature Squeaky Toys! 

Make your dog’s Halloween spook-tacular with the ZippyPaws Halloween Trick-or-Treat Basket Burrow Toy!


Dimensions: L 18cm x W 18cm x H 13cm

SKU: ZP718