Zippy Paws Halloween Burrow Interactive Dog Toy - Witches Brew Cauldron


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Brew up some Halloween fun for your dog with the ZippyPaws Halloween Burrow Witch’s Brew Cauldron!

This interactive hide-and-seek puzzle toy for dogs features a Burrow shaped like a spider’s web and comes with 3 miniature squeaky and friendly spiders that you hide inside the web for your dog to “burrow” and dig out. The Spider’s Web Burrow is specifically designed to help combat boredom and give your dog mental stimulation as they play!

Each spider contains one small round squeaker to entice your dog and help them engage in the Burrow. The squeaky spiders and Spider’s Web Burrow are interchangeable and can be used with other Halloween-themed ZippyPaws Burrows or other Miniz Squeaky Toys.


  • Halloween-themed interactive burrowing dog toy shaped like a witch’s cauldron
  • Includes 3 miniature squeaky potion bottle to hide inside the Burrow
  • Can help your dog relieve any stress or anxiety that may be causing any burrowing or digging actions they do inside or outside your home
  • Keeps your dog entertained and doubles as a fun, mentally challenging hide-and-seek dog game
  • 1 small round squeaker in each toy to engage your dog in playtime
  • Potion bottle plushies can be used separately as a fun, miniature squeaky dog toy – great for a multi-pet family!
  • Interchangeable with other Halloween ZippyPaws Burrows/Miniz Toys

Set Includes:
1 Witch’s Brew
3 Miniz Squeaky Potion Bottles


Burrow Dimensions: 21.6cm x 15.2cm x 10.2cm

SKU: ZP740